All of our libraries, applications, and benchmarks are available under open source licenses.


A simple GCC wrapper that makes it easy to embed secure computation protocols inside regular C programs, which exposing enough
about the nature of data-oblivious computation to enable efficient protocols. [github]
EMP Toolkit

Efficient Multi-Party Computation toolkit.


Wysteria is a high-level functional programming language for writing mixed-mode secure computations. Such computations interleave local, private computations with secure multiparty computations. Wysteria aims to make such computations easy to write, understand, and reuse.
Legacy Software (no longer supported)
Fast Secure Computation Using Garbled Circuits
Framework and library for buiding efficient and scalable privacy-preserving applications using garbled circuits. [Download] (No longer under development; superceded by Obliv-C)
Secure Computation on Smartphones
Using our fast garbled circuits framework to enable privacy-preserving applications on Android devices. [Demo]